Lumi frameless windows

Discover the frameless look

Windows have a surprisingly dramatic effect on the overall look of a home. So we’ve made them more design-led and frameless.

It’s hard to imagine a frameless window, because chances are, you won’t have seen one before. Think wall-to-wall glass with no raised, mounted frame. So, no painted surfaces and no exposed joints.

High efficiency that lasts

A window that’s designed to last

By protecting all the elements that degrade inside the glazing, we were able to create a window that looks amazing and could survive our changeable, corrosive weather.

Lumi is wall to wall glass. With no joints, no painted surfaces, no connected materials, there’s nothing to maintain, nothing to corrode and no external weak points. Everything structural is protected within the glazed exterior, making the Lumi window system perfect for the damp, cold climate of the UK and Ireland.

Fibre reinforced Structure – The latest fibreglass reduces the weight of the overall window structure, while also providing exceptional strength. This extra rigidity makes Lumi perfect for a larger than average window.

Triple cell glazing – Every Lumi window contains 50mm of triple glazing.

Insulation – The surrounding structure is packed with high density closed cell insulation. This gives Lumi extra strength and makes it extremely energy efficient.

Super Spacers – These strips of insulation are positioned between every pane of glass and help stop heat transfer.

Super Tough Glass – All three layers of Lumi are made from toughened safety glass as standard.

Aluminum corner cleat – The corner joints are bonded and reinforced with aluminium forming an exceptionally strong joint.

Protect what matters most

Lumi doesn’t just look different, it’s designed to provide protection for what matters most.

Lumi is structurally very different from an ordinary window. This physical difference along with the addition of a range of high quality, security features, automatically enhances its security.

With the Lumi exclusive brake lock system from Winkhaus, our windows can be locked into any opening position by using the handle. All Lumi doors come with police approved “secured by design” anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels as standard. Lumi Lift and Slide doors come with burglar resistance of up to RC2 (WK2) and Lumi Bi Fold doors come with Schuco multi-point lock system with shoot bolts, achieving a burglar resistance of WK/RC (DIN EN 1627).

Every Lumi window is made with a 50mm triple glazed unit of toughened glass. This along with the draught free, highly insulated structure offers an impressive level of noise reduction. All Lumi glazing can be fitted with restrictor stays and privacy glass.

Designed with an 80mm draught free, hidden double rebate, stormproof frame, Lumi has earned top class U-Values, while our non-corrosive exterior protects this energy efficiency for years to come.

The first true innovation the UK window market has seen in decades.

Lumi is the first true innovation the UK window market has seen for decades. Invented by a team of product engineers on the North Coast of Ireland, it performs every bit as differently as it looks.

Lumi is designed, engineered and manufactured on the UK at the state-of-the-art Ballymena premises, so we can react quickly to demands in the UK, essential in the world of construction where site delays can be costly.

Many of the component parts of each Lumi window have been custom designed to ensure the highest standards in quality and production.

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